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Dragon Dictate Medical Solution

Dragon Dictate

Voice Recognition Medical Solution

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Medical Solutions is designed for the special needs of health care professionals. You can quickly and accurately produce:

  • progress notes
  • medical evaluations
  • correspondence

and more - all by voice! Its comprehensive medical language model incorporates an extensive vocabulary of medical terms, phrases and acronyms, as well as statistical data gathered from the analysis of thousands of medical records, notes, and reports. You can refine the vocabulary even further by letting the program analyze selected documents from your files.

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MaxGold Wireless

Key features:
  • Synchronize your Schedule with your PDA

  • Patient demographics

  • Last visit information

  • ICD/diagnosis finder

  • “Hot key” quick bill groups

  • Complete billing code list

  • Seamless integration with Max- Gold7

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy billing on the move

  • Eliminates lost billings

  • Reduces paper work and increases productivity

  • Full back-up of billing with each synchronization

  • Password protected for patient confidentiality

  • Facilitates work flow improvement



Designed around the way you practice medicine.
A system tailored to your workflow pattern will make all the difference.

“Can it get any easier? It saves on
administrative time so we have more
time for our patients”


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ICD Finder Palm Pilot & Desktop Utility

Introducing the incredibly powerful ICD Finder. Finally, a Palm Pilot and Desktop utility that you can use. Amazingly fast and yet so easy to use. Quickly search for ICD codes in your office on your computer or in the field using your Palm Pilot. Features include:

  • You have a complete listing of all ICD-9-CM codes on your Palm Pilot or desktop. Over 15,000 ICD-9-CM codes.
  • You can search for codes using one or more key words. Even supports partial word searches, finds and then displays all matching codes.
  • Throw your ICD code books in the dust bin. You won’t need them with the ICD Finder. Saves hours each day.

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