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Introducing the incredibly powerful ICD Finder. Finally, a Palm Pilot and Desktop utility that you can use. Amazingly fast and yet so easy to use. Quickly search for ICD codes in your office on your computer or in the field using your Palm Pilot. Features include:

·        You have a complete listing of all ICD-9-CM codes on your Palm Pilot or desktop. Over 15,000 ICD-9-CM codes.

·        You can search for codes using one or more key words. Even supports partial word searches, finds and then displays all matching codes.

·        Throw your ICD code books in the dust bin. You won’t need them with the ICD Finder. Saves hours each day.

·        ICD-10 version is available


plus applicable taxes


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The ICD Finder Palm Pilot application has made the doctor’s job much simpler.

Clinic Medical Billing Software is HIPAA Compliant.


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