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Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software is now HIPAA Compliant. HIPAA Compliance has been built into the structure of the Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software products. You can send claims directly from Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software to:

  • Medicare
  • BCBS
  • other carriers that accepts direct transmission

with no monthly cost to you for electronic claims. At Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software we continue to test with various carriers so that you can send claims direct for free.

At Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software we have shouldered the burden of HIPAA compliance so you don’t have to. We are committed to direct electronic claims whenever possible so that you get to keep your reimbursement instead of sharing it with us. If you want a company that works for you, in your best interest, give us a call.

Quicker payments processing. Free direct electronic claims. Why wait another minute? Click to contact us.

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It saves on administrative time so we have more time for our patients.

... and it's HIPAA Compliant!

Max-Gold Medical Clinic Software is HIPAA Compliant.


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